Green Peanuts and Rusty Pickup Trucks 

Today the Green Peanuts for Sale sign got me to pull over. It turns out green peanuts are dug from the ground and their short season is August to October. On further questioning of the woman selling other vegetables and legumes, I was informed that typically green peanuts are boiled and taste like peas.  She explained that raw peanuts are any kind of unroasted peanut; some raw peanuts are available “green,” which means straight out of the ground and moist. Peanuts that are “green” are highly perishable and therefore are available only during the weeks that peanuts are harvested because they must be refrigerated immediately after leaving the field. Most raw peanuts are air dried. I sampled some boiled peanuts. I was not a fan. She said “you must be from the North; you will never change sides.” It appears that boiled and green peanuts are not for me. 

Continuing down the road near Medart, Florida, there is a collection of old and rusty Ford trucks. They are lined up in chronological order, dating from the early 1900’s to the mid 1970’s. The trucks are an unusual site on the scenic byway, kind of rusty charm.  Where did they come from? I found a website that explained it to me! It is not an art project. Pat Harvey, a farmer whose family farm is near the rusted trucks, placed them there just to see what they looked like. Each truck had been used on the Harvey farm and holds special memories. In the state of decomposition the trucks and the encroaching vines make a great photo op. 

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