Greenville, FL and Colquitt, GA

A cold Sunday morning in Tallahassee did not change our plans. A short drive to Greenville, Florida to see the childhood home of Ray Charles and a statue of the music legend in the nearby park. The childhood home of Ray Charles was scheduled to be destroyed in 2006 due to neglect and disrepair. Instead it was saved and restored by the town and funds from the state.

   One hour in the other direction from Tallahassee, our next stop, Colquitt, Georgia. On Sunday the only business open in the town is the Tarrer Inn, open for buffet brunch.  We had brunch. This town is filled with many murals, a large Native American head carved out of a single log and a play titled Swamp Gravy.


  After lunch, the author and director of Swamp Gravy, the local play that defines the area and gave the ideas for the thirteen town murals stopped to talk with us. Her name is Joy Jinks.    She explained that one of the murals is about the Anglin brothers who escaped and survived Alcatraz. They were local boys who during their first time in prison learned locksmith skills. When they were sent to Alcatraz, they used those skills to escape. Locals believe they made it home safely.   Joy also told us about the Arts Council play that is a review which is updated annually. It has been performed twice a year for more than 20 years and raises money and increases tourism for their small town. She has also written a book on living forever. I hope her wish comes true.

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