Baltimore, MD

We were welcomed into the apartment of one of my favorite college friends in the early afternoon. Her art collection has grown and her apartment is still as wonderful as I remembered. Her home is a treasure filled with wonderful artwork and delicious food.

   In typical fashion, we visited places we had never been before. We headed to the museum of Great Blacks in Wax 


 The exhibition is quite extensive. We followed up our museum outing with a stop at the Belvedere Hotel and cocktails at the Owl Bar.

 We drank at the bar imagining the musings of H L Mencken and F Scott Fitzgerald.

The drinks were strong, the conversation scintilating and the drop-in wedding party sparkling!

 We retired to the apartment for a delicious meal. An incredible visit. Always great to stay with a like-minded friend and get some great traveling suggestions and a compass too!

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