Cape Cod

Welcome 2016! New year, new location or should I say many locations. Let’s back up a day or two; we had a wonderful send off dinner at Extra Virgin in the West Village

with my parents and our daughter. The food was delicious, the service great, and the company and conversation were the best.
The morning of the 30th, armed with bagels and lox spread, a bag of mini TimTams (a gift from Australia), 

  and a very full Ford Escape, we headed out of the Big Apple.   
Our first stop, Cape Cod, MA.
We have visited Cape Cod many time during all four seasons mostly because my sister lives there with her family.  
We chose this as our first stop for several reasons. First, to see my sister and her family in their new home. Adding to that we also looked forward to both celebrating her birthday   
and ringing in the New Year together.
We decided to take advantage of the off season and the warmer than typical winter to explore some interesting sites. We went to the Marconi antenna in Wellfleet.  
Fascinating, the first transatlantic wireless communications station. We next went to the Truro lighthouse 


  and a walk along Fisher Beach where we spied the Edward Hopper home.   

We had the beach entirely to ourselves, a huge advantage of winter on the Cape. We continued on making short stops at scenic beaches and salt marshes

  and we walked up and down the streets of Provincetown and we even saw the lobster trap Christmas Tree.

 Very fragrant (not)! On our way back to Hyannis, we stopped in Dennis at the Cape Abilities Farm and bought some goodies for our New Year celebration.
We enjoyed a wonderful at-home New Year’s celebration and took a walk along the beach.       
Now, we are ready to head southward!

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